Control your lighting with NuLEDs LED Controllers.  Operating from single channel to 4 channel  with extension boards, our low voltage controllers give a full spectrum of options to customize and program your lighting.

StarDomes™ are an exquisite combination of art, lighting, and technology. A hand painted sky mural is lit with an indirect programmable cove light that creates a sunrise/sunset sequence. As the cove light fades, the twinkling constellations appear, creating the timeless illusion of a starry night sky. Available in 3 different sizes with options for shooting stars and custom designs!
Acoustic fiber optic ceiling tiles, StarTiles™ create an incredibly realistic night sky, perfect for home theaters! Offered in 5 different sizes, with options for shooting stars and custom orders!

Sleek, Elegant, and Intelligent. Numinus offers multiple ways to light and accent your space through NuLEDs line of LED Luminaires! Take control of your lighting.