Saddleback Memorial Hospital in Irvine Gives Their
Patients the Stars Above

Offering the latest in MRI room décor, Saddleback has an Oval Grande StarDome with RGB LED cove light which illuminates the sky mural, and dims to reveal the twinkling starfield of the Northern Hemisphere sky! Designer Jason Filipek with Nova and Architect Alexander + Hibbs AIA, Inc. designed this treatment room with an array of color changing RGB LED SpectraCans from NuLEDs. On February 25, I was able to witness the inaugural scan at Saddleback’s state-of-the-art MRI facility. The Siemens Aera is a step up from their old MRI machine located in a trailer adjacent to the hospital. Lead technician Natalie was anxious to take the helm of her new vessel, and it did not disappoint! Clear high-def images of the scans coupled with calming décor provide for a great experience for both patient and staff. Creating an Experience is one of the things we do best at Numinus. We have developed a system for treatment rooms that provide an interactive experience combining the StarDome, RGB color changing LED lights, and an IPad with an interface that allows patients to set the scene for their treatment. This system was also installed at a Children’s Hospital in New Orleans where the iPad app has the siloutte of children playing, and colored circles for kids to choose the color of their room. Before entering for their MRI scans, kids choose the color of the walls and the ‘time of day’ for their StarDome; they can even have color changing, and a sunrise-sunset cycling. Several studies have been done on bringing elements of nature into the hospital environment. It has proven beneficial to the patients health and experience while in the hospital.