Numinus patented shooting star is impressively realistic! Watch the shooting star gracefully shoot across the sky, tapering at its tail. It adds a sense of wonder and realism to your starry ceiling that is truly magical.

     Numinus offers the most realistic shooting stars on the market, with programmable occurrence settings of 10 seconds to 20 minutes, to random modes in between, you set the tone for your sky. 

Numinus StarDomes™ are available in 2' Portal Dome, 4' Rotunda, 6' Rotunda, and 6'x9' Oval Grande. For specific constellations/ night sky recreations, or for MRI quotes Contact Us.

The ultimate in ceiling décor-- Fiberglass ceiling domes with twinkling fiber optic stars.These ready-to-install starry ceiling domes create the breathtaking effects that until now, only mother nature could offer. The beautiful hand painted sky mural is lit with an indirect cove light. You control the sky by choosing one of the programmed sunrise/sunset sequence options, or set it to your favorite time of day. As the cove light dims, the beauty of the sunset plays out above you, evolving into the timeless illusion of a starry night sky.